Sea Spray and Shrimp Nets

Galloping horses, blowing manes


The girls headed back north in a storm. It would dump rain, then sleet, then snow all along their route, eventually diverting Emily to stay with a friend in Harrisonburg. A day later she would follow it up through New England to Maine, through several feet of freshly plowed snow.

Here at the beach the wind blew hard all day. It tore the tops off a tormented sea. It drove sand in snaking tatters down the beach, piling it up in drifts, a gritty counterpart of the snow drifts up north.


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Daybreak on Assateague: Last Day

Up before the sun 



The South Wind blew itself out overnight, left everything warm and quiet in the morning. Very quiet. Just birds and crickets and the occasional splash of minnows along the water’s edge. Got up early before sunrise, made some coffe, and watched the wildlife wake up slowly. There’s some nice video at the end of this post. It will give you a really good feel for what it was like.


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Assateague Island: Day 1 Sailing Video


direct video link

I’m not sure what the piece of music is in this video. I used to visit music chat rooms long ago, where people would post pieces of things they were working on that others could download, add another layer, and repost. I always liked this one, and it managed to survive the move from one computer to another for the last 10 years.

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360 Degree Music

“Come and Go” 


This is fun. A music video shot with a 360 degree video lens. People exit out of frame right and simultaneously reenter on the left. Trippy. The music is pretty catchy, too. (Best when played full screen.)

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Rowing by Moonlight

Moonrise on Totier Creek Reservoir


Every autumn, for the last few years, I’ve posted photos of the fall foliage here for friends and family who don’t get any. Did something a little different this time.

A couple of weeks ago, I took a row in the small local reservoir in the late afternoon, going from the dam all the way back up the creek that feeds it. The low sun set the trees on fire. These boats draw less than three inches, and it was a wonder to glide over water so shallow, well back into areas I had never been before.

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Cape May Morning ~ Video Postcard

Youtube Link


Nice morning after the tow into Cape May Harbor the night before. Nice antidote to all that excitement.

Coffee in a paper cup. Time to kill.

For some reason, cameras make everyone at Utsch’s very nervous. Three times different people stood in front of my lens and demanded to know what I was doing. The last time it was the owner. When I explained, he laughed and gave me a hug.

Never got far from the marina. All this is from there.